Language and word pub quiz questions

Test your quiz contestants with these word and language quiz questions. Words we all use everyday, but to we really know the meanings and origins of some simple words?

Q] In 1782 in France what was louison or louisette?
A] The Guillotine before renaming it

Q] Dobby Selvages and Filling are terms used in which process?
A] Weaving

Q] Where would you find a bema narthex and apse?
A] In a Basilica

Q] Which decorative art means in Arabic stripped cloth?
A] Macramé

Q] what are Nissan, Av, Adar and Tishrei?
A] Jewish calandar months

Q] In Hebrew what does Am rotze min mean (ah-knee ro-tsay)?
A] I want sex

Q] Which dog is named for the German word for muzzle?
A] Schnauzer

Q] Prosopography is the study of what?
A] Careers

Q] Spanish restaurant if you ask for La Quenta what do you get?
A] The Bill

Q] Which American Indians modern name in Spanish means village?
A] Pueblo

Q] In a state of readiness is the literal meaning of which job title?
A] Waiter