History Quiz Questions

No pub quiz would be complete without a healthy helping of history quiz questions. I still have about 20 000 pub quiz questions to add to this site, but I have to start somewhere. History Quiz Questions. This is gonna take me months to complete, but here’s the first batch of historical questions. Not too obscure I hope.

Q] Who was vice president US when A bomb dropped on Hiroshima?
A] No One – was not one

Q] The Treaty of Paris in 1856 ended which war?
A] The Crimean war

Q] Which battle was fought at Senlac hill?
A] Battle of Hastings

Q] Operation Urgent Fury was the US invasion of where?
A] Granada

Q] After The Red Baron was shot down who took over his squadron?
A] Herman Goering

Q] The Shining Path is a revolutionary movement in which country?
A] Peru

Q] Captain Hans Langsdorff captained which German Battleship?
A] Graf Spee

Q] What was the recently closed Wembley Stadium called in 1923?
A] The Empire Stadium

Q] Operation Olympic was a WW2 invasion plan not used where?
A] Japan they surrendered

Q] Who owned a sword called crocea mors or yellow death?
A] Julius Caesar

Q] Mao wrote the red book who published the green book on African unity?
A] Moammar Qaddhaffi

Q] Which French General left Napoleon to become King of Sweden?
A] Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte

Q] Which war was ended by The Congress of Westphalia?
A] Thirty Years War

Q] Name the British General in charge of the 1916 offensive WW1?
A] Sir Douglas Haig

Q] Who was European correspondent New York Tribune 1851 till 1862?
A] Karl Marx

Q] In 1752 Mr Blake and Callahan raced and began which sport?
A] Steeplechase

Q] In 1741 Robert Keeler first to commercially manufactured what?
A] Marmalade in Dundee Scotland