Music Quiz Questions

Music quiz questions are most people’s favorites, and I’ve got zillions of music questions to come. There really will be something for everybody, the questions cover all ages and genres of music. Rock, pop, punk, metal, classical, Broadway, soundtracks you name it, it will be covered sooner or later.


Q] Andrew Patterson wrote which definitive Australian song?
A] Waltzing Matilda

Q] Who released the album Invincible?
A] Michael Jackson

Q] Lovely Rita meter maid appeared on which Beatles album?
A] Sergeant Peppers

Q] In music if F major is the key what is the relative minor?
A] D minor

Q] Mozart wrote Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman what’s its English title?
A] Twinkle Twinkle little star

Q] Who composed the opera Ill Travatore?
A] Guiseppe Verdi

Q] Which classical composer wrote Hark the Herald Angels Sing?
A] Felix Mendelssohn

Q] In 1987 U2 won Grammy for best album of year name it?
A] The Joshua Tree

Q] Which group had a hit with Mr Tambourine Man?
A] The Byrds

Q] Titanic music score sales are greatest which film did it beat?
A] Chariots of Fire Vangelis

Q] The song There is nothing like a dame appears in which musical?
A] South Pacific

Q] Which pop group were named after the inventor of the seed drill?
A] Jethro Tull

Q] Name group originally called the golliwogs had hit Proud Mary?
A] Credence Clearwater Revival

Q] In the Muppet band Zoot plays which instrument?
A] Saxophone

Q] Amnesiac and The Bends albums of which UK group?
A] Radiohead

Q] What is the first word sung in Queens Bohemian Rhapsody?
A] Is ( Is this the real life)

Q] What I did for Love came from which Broadway musical show?
A] Chorus Line