Geography quiz questions

Geography quiz questions are generally pretty easy – they should be part of everybody’s ¬†general knowledge but here’s a challenging bunch of geography trivia questions with less obvious answers to add a bit of spice to your next pub quiz, but not too difficult.

Q] Amerigo Vespucci airport is in which city?
A] Florence

Q] Which places name means many islands?
A] Polynesia

Q] In which country do the Sumi people live?
A] Lapland

Q] In which country could you spend a taka?
A] Bangladesh

Q] The Zagros mountain range is in which country?
A] Iran

Q] A lido is open air swimming pool where was the original lido?
A] Venice

Q] Old Dominion was a nickname of which US state?
A] Virginia

Q] If you landed at Mirabel international airport where are you?
A] Montreal

Q] Which countries translated name means Land of the Eagle?
A] Albania

Q] Which area of water separates India from Sri Lanka?
A] Palk Strait

Q] What is the second largest city in Ireland?
A] Cork

Q] Vaduz is the capitol of where?
A] Liechtenstein

Q] Which UK city is the home of the Halle Orchestra?
A] Manchester

Q] Narita is the main airport of which city?
A] Tokyo

Q] If you landed at MCO airfield where are you?
A] Orlando Florida

Don’t you now wish you paid a bit more attention in geography class :-)