Food and drink trivia

Yet another batch of 15 foodFood and Drink quiz questions. Read more … » and drink trivia pub quiz questionsTrick questions. Read more … » to bamboozle your contestants :-)

Q] Which food item gets its name from the French for melted?

A] Fondue

Q] What drink began in Morison’s drug store Waco Texas in 1885?
A] Dr Peppers

Q] Nelis, Seckel, Forelle and Bosc all varieties of what?
A] Pears

Q] Outside the work is the literal meaning of which snack?
A] Hors Derves

Q] Kenneth Daigneau won $100 for naming which product?
A] Spam

Q] The French call it pomplamouse what do we call it?
A] Grapefruit

Q] Which company brewed harp lager?
A] Guinness

Q] French wordLanguage and word pub quiz questions. Read more … » meaning growth is applied to top quality wines?
A] Cru

Q] What flavouring is in frangelico liqueur?
A] Hazelnuts

Q] In 1950 the Minnesota valley canning company became what?
A] Jolly Green Giant

Q] Julius Sturgis in 1861 built the first US factory making what?
A] Pretzels

Q] What liqueur means cupid in Italian and love in Latin?
A] Amaretto

Q] In 1900 caterer Harry Stevens introduce what words to languageLanguage and word pub quiz questions. Read more … »?
A] Hot Dogs

Q] In MacDonald’s what is served in a blue wrapper?
A] Filet-O-Fish

Q] Cuffs and Buttons was a cocktail in the 19th century what’s it called now?
A] Southern Comfort

Make sure the winners of your pub quizChristmas pub quiz questions. Read more … » really earn their victory :-) They will really need to know their food and drink trivia.

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