Animal quiz questions

Animal quiz questions – Today’s batch of quiz questions are all about animals… not the generic “science and nature” quiz questions we are all used to – these are about animals in specific.

Q] What animal was the symbol of freedom in ancient Rome?
A] Cat

Q] The wordLanguage and word pub quiz questions. Read more … » puppy comes from the French poupee – literally what?
A]  Doll

Q] Maryland No1 Montana No 1 Minnesota No 3 types of what Pigs?
A] American Breeds

Q] What fish can hold objects in its tail?
A] Sea Horse

Q] What is the fastest swimming ocean fish over 60 mph?
A]  Sailfish – Marlin

Q] British call this bird species tits what do Americans call them?
A]  Chickadees

Q] What’s the word for the front of a dogs chest and joint of beef?
A] Brisket

Q] What is the worlds largest rodent?
A] Capybara

Q] What fish can blink its eyes
A] Shark

Q] What is the correct name for a baby otter?
A] Kitten

Q] What animalsMythology quiz questions. Read more … » teeth were used as knife blades by the Indians?
A] Beaver

Q] Proportionately which creature has the largest brain?
A] The Ant

Q]  A nervous kangaroo licks its where?
A] Forearms

Q] What animal comes in types spotted striped and brown?
A] Hyena

Q] Flying fish is the national dish of which country ?
A] Barbados

Q] What animal is the symbol of long life in Korea?
A]  Deer

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