22 000 pub quiz questions

Download over 22 000 pub quiz questionsFood and drink trivia. Read more … » with answersMythology quiz questions. Read more … » – that’s a helluva lot of of questions for you  to choose from when compiling your next pub quizChristmas pub quiz questions. Read more … » or triviaFood and drink trivia. Read more … » evening! Even if you ask 100 questions per quizArt quiz questions. Read more … », that’s still enough for 200 quizzes – more than 4 years if you do a quiz every week!

It would literally take you years to research that many questions yourself and compile them into an easily categorized Excel spread sheet. I would know – I’ve done it! I have been a pub quiz fan for years, both as a contestant and as a quiz master and so I know how much work goes into researching fresh and unique questions for every quiz.

I have been saving my questions all these years, and after several people asked me for access to them, I finally decided to make them all available to the public on my website, and you can download them here.

Now you can get 22 000 questions, for only 2 cents per question! (there is also a smaller 10 000 question spread sheet available if you prefer.) All questions are easily categorized into over 40 categories such as historyHistory Quiz Questions. Read more … », geographyGeography quiz questions. Read more … », musicMusic Quiz Questions. Read more … », sport, scienceAnimal quiz questions. Read more … », ChristmasChristmas pub quiz questions. Read more … », and many more

You have to ask yourself, is your time worth more than 2 cents per question? Do you really want to spend that much time researching every time you run a quiz?

Click here to download the HUGE quiz question spread sheet.


Not conviced? Want a free sample? Enter your name and email address below and I’ll send you a 50 question sample spread sheet.




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