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There are over 30 000 pub quiz questions on our main site (well, there will be once I am done) all nicely data based and categorized –  but for some reason a lot of people prefer their quiz questionsTrick questions. Read more … » to be presented in batches like this – so I have created this sub-domain where I will be posting themed batches of quizTrick questions. Read more … » questions from time to time.

Funny quiz questionsLanguage and word pub quiz questions. Read more … », ChristmasChristmas pub quiz questions. Read more … » quiz questions, BibleReligious trivia. Read more … » quiz questions etc. On this site the questions and answersMythology quiz questions. Read more … » will be in specific batches rather than generic general knowledge questions so when you are researching your next quiz or triviaFood and drink trivia. Read more … » evening you will be able to cut and paste questions according to theme.

Once I have a decent enough number of posts here to start with, I will try to post at least once a week, so if you subscribe to our RSS feed, you will get one or two batches of quiz questions automatically delivered to your chosen feed burner every week.

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  1. Got a slight problem in that I bought your extra-value pack in zip form but can’t open it as it is in Windows format and I don’t have a reader for these :(
    Any chance of help or changing the format for Open Office ?

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